Friday, 28 December 2018

The mystery lovechild is back...

It's all over for another year, the days are short and dark and my mind has been wandering again, as have my hands, all over the Photoshop effects menu.  Time for something pointless and ridiculous to fill the late gloomy hours when there is little else of value to be achieved apart from eating another chocolate liqueur and instantly regretting it.

If you've been here for a couple of past 'mystery lovechild' posts you'll know the premise:  What might the secret offspring, born to a famous but unlikely set of musical parents, look like?

Previously we've had, for instance, John Lydon and Joni Mitchell, whose curious 'lovechild' turned out like this:

I gather that DNA testing kits were given as Christmas presents by millions of people this year.   But why go to all the trouble of spitting into a test tube when you can see the evidence of the genes right here in black and white?

I'd love to know who you suspect might be responsible for the conception of the characters below.  No rush - the results will be confirmed some time next year (i.e. next week!)











Sweet dreams, now!


  1. Some of these are really scary, but I find #1 strangely alluring. Eek.

    8 - Rod & Alison Moyet?

    7 - Bruce & Cher

    4 - Sinead &... Shaun Ryder?

    3 - Dylan & Lauper

    1 - I want to say is Barry Manilow & Kate Bush... maybe because I'd feel slightly better about myself then.

    1. Indeed No. 1 does have a certain allure, it's the unexpected combination of those sparkly eyes with that sultry mouth, I think... and you are correct, yes it's Barry and Kate.

      8 - yes for Rod but not Alyson Moyet (this time).
      7 - correct. Too easy?!
      4 - you're right about Sinead.
      3 - and yes it's Dylan lower half face under that do but not Cyndi.

      I think Yve has got these all correct below though, except for 8 (Rod and ?)

      I'm sure you're the same with Saturday Snapshots, it's easy when you know the answers. I wasn't sure if these were all going to be too screamingly obvious, or too much the other way.

  2. 1: Kate Bush/Barry Manilow
    2:Beyoncé/Kanye (their other 'alves will not be 'appy!)
    3:Dolly Parton/Bob Dylan
    4: Sinead O'MacCartney?
    5:Alison Moyet and ???
    6: Iggy/Jack White???? Not sure but I do know that you should be careful of splicing photos of Jack White as he's also Mr Boogie from Sinister! ;o)
    8:Rod Stewart and some poor deluded woman who DID think he was Sexy?
    9:Mariah Costello!
    10: This really stumps me.... Jordan maybe and.....?

    Dunno, give up.... do I win a coconut? :o)

    1. C29 December 2018 at 15:52
      Dammit, I'm all out of coconuts!
      But congrats for lots of correct answers. Although...not all...
      5 - Alyson Moyet, yes, but whose big nose and poetic mouth?
      6 - No! These are biologically possible couplings, so both genders required. And neither of those is Iggy or Jack (perhaps just as well from what you say). I can tell you that the mother was a single girl!

      8 - Rod asked the deluded woman not to go, apparently.
      10 - The father is someone whose first name is something we both love and the mother may have told him she only wanted to be with him (ooh, cryptic!)

  3. Eerrrrr, crickey - this is fun.... but also requires those pesky brain cells I managed to kill off the last few days!

    Whilst in the queue for the til at Tesco earlier I suddenly exclaimed "Stevie Nicks!!!!" to everyone's bemusement, so now random strangers assume I have contracted some form of post-Christmas Prog-Rock Tourette's. Thanks for that ;o)

    So I know think 8: Rod Stewart/Stevie Nicks

    5: Still no idea who the guy is... The poetry/big nose clue made me think of John Cooper Clarke but don't think it's him.
    6: Miki Berenyi and.....and....sorry, no recognition going on, just clutching at straws...
    10.... very cryptic.... ummmm, Springy Dustfield and Art Garfunkel???

    Hee hee, more fun that Cluedo. Great stuff, C

    1. Brilliant, Yve, you're cooking with gas!
      So you're right with Stevie Nicks, Miki Berenyi and Dusty & Art, leaving only one half of no. 5 (you're right, not JCC) and one half of no. 6.

      What extra clues can I give, erm...
      No. 5 - think about his sexuality
      No. 6 - he's a singer (he doesn't bang the drums)

    2. Gaaaarrrgggghhh.... Ian Brown, of course! I can see it now.

      Billy Bragg though, don't think I would ever have got that one! Sorry if I ruined everyone's fun but you could of still played and not looked at the comments....can't help it, after so many years of painting/drawing portraits, I think my internal Face Recognition Software enjoys the challenge too much :)

    3. You know, I was thinking maybe it does have something to do with being an artist and therefore being very attuned to looking at people's features in the way we do. I'd quite like to see how well I'd get on myself if I didn't know.
      Anyway, well done for a spectacular performance, you win the virtual coconut - clearly no need to upgrade your internal Face Recognition Software for a while yet!

    4. Hee hee, give me an hour or so and I will post a couple just for you, because it is fun and I do think artists tend to look at the details more.... Plus I saw a programme about Spy Software last year, did you know that Face Recognition Software still has to be overseen by human beings when it comes to legal cases, and that we are still much faster and more accurate than computer programmes! :o)

    5. OK, takes longer than you'd think, but take a look, just 3 for you:

    6. Ah thank you Yve! Just been over to give my thoughts. It does take a while, doesn't it? I find half of it is simply choosing which images are possible to work from in the first place, with the angles and lighting etc. before even getting to work on the cutting, cloning and blending side of things!

  4. Oh no, I just got the email alert about this new post and see they answers are all now in (or are they?). You are very good at the photo-shopping I can see - I just need to be quicker off the mark next time.

    1. Ah sorry you didn't see it earlier. They've been answered very quickly! There are still two 'halves' left to identify - see above reply to Yve - not great clues, but if they don't help you might have to try the bit of paper with a hole cut out of it again!

  5. Number 6 contains some of Ian Brown.

    1. Indeed it does, thanks SA! His hair, face shape, and that nose of course. Unfortunately Miki Berenyi's lovely eyes, eyebrows and mouth don't suit the rest too well (sorry Miki!)

    2. Sorry I wasn't sure if you'd seen the answer in another comment, didn't mean to give it away!

  6. Is the other half of 5. Billy Bragg?

    1. Yay, well spotted! Just his nose and mouth, can't remember offhand if that's his chin or not, but will be clear when I get the two originals side by side for posting the answers in due course.

  7. A very Happy New Year to you and Mr. SDS, C.

    1. Thank you Marie. And to you and yours!

  8. It’s funny how I can seem to get half of all of these but never the set. Great fun though. Happy New Year, C!

    1. Thanks Brian. It's fun putting them together too. Will post original photos of the guilty parties soon.

  9. All gone...I am too late to the party...

    1. Ah - next time! Still some crisps and half a bottle of Shiraz left over if you fancy it. Meanwhile I must get round to posting the answers officially!

  10. Good fun! These have probably all been solved by now. Below my guesses (without cheating and reading answers in conments)

    10: Taylor Swift and ?
    9: Mariah Carey and Elvis Costello
    8: Rod Stewart and
    7: Bruce Springsteen and Cher
    6: Ian Brown and ?
    5: ?
    4: Sinead O'Connor and Paul McCartney
    3: Bob Dylan and Dolly Parton
    2: Kanye West and ?
    1: Barry Manilow and Kate Bush

    1. Ah thanks for joining in, Chris - and kudos to you for not looking at the other answers! You've done brilliantly. I'll be putting the answers together in a post soon as I can so won't reply to your individual ones here.


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