Tuesday 17 May 2016

- Intermission -

Life has got a bit on top of me lately; hope to be back soon.

Wednesday 4 May 2016


I watched Savages on last night's 'Later...' and, this might sound like a strange response, but I felt so proud.   So proud that there are young women like these doing what they do, and doing it so well; I actually got a bit glassy-eyed.

In a world where women still - still! - sell themselves so short and aspire to ridiculously superficial ideals that prey on their low self-esteem, that very same low self-esteem that those ideals helped cultivate in the first place, we need Savages.  We really do.

I couldn't paste in the video but here's a youtube link to last night's performance:

Savages: Sad Person live (from Later with Jools Holland)

And here's another treat:

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