Friday, 26 September 2014

Don't know where I want to be

Out all day with lovely friends, eating olives and pasta and tiramisu, washed down with white wine and cappuccino, who could ask for more.  We're nattering away about life and love and the universe, as usual, but my brain is also partly drawn to the music playing in the background.  This is hard for me as I'm no multi-tasker but I'm recognising songs by Jungle and tUnE-yArDs at least. There's so much  too that I don't know... is it my age or is it just that it's a little more eclectic than usual restaurant soundtracks?  Some of it sounds alright... maybe it's the association, I'm happy and with people I love, perhaps like when you hear music on the radio when you're driving in the early hours of the morning and it takes on an ethereal quality that it wouldn't necessarily do if heard on other occasions.    One track, though, I don't know quite why, it takes me momentarily away from the conversation.  Quite simple, yet so bittersweet, a lazy rhythm, a less-is-more song, one of those that touches me in ways I really can't explain, nothing obvious - but I know I want to hear it again. I don't have Shazam... the only way I'm going to be able to track this down later is to catch a part of the lyric and see if I can find its source on the web when I get home.  I write it on the back of my cheque-book:  "I don't know where I want to be..."

I don't think I'll ever find it with as little to go on as that, but I do and here it is.


  1. If you like this song C, you'd enjoy the rest of the album (& probably the rest of their output). Lazy, bittersweet, less-is-more - all good descriptions of what they do. Well done for tracking it down with so little to go on and I'm glad you had such an enjoyable day with friends - Mrs S & I are up to much the same thing tomorrow.

  2. Your day out sounds like bliss, C. Good soundtrack, too.

  3. TS - Thanks for the tip - I've played some more snippets from Atlas and it's sounding good - I never know though if a whole album is going to be too much of a muchness, I seem to be in compilation mode most of the time! Perhaps that's why it also sounded so good yesterday, sandwiched in between other different sounds. Anyway, it's one to ponder... I could do with something new! Whatever, I know I love this song and it will always make me think of my friends now. Hope you have a lovely day out yourself (and Mrs S) today.

    SB - Indeed, I'm blessed with a small quantity of special friends and these were my old schoolpals/punk pals that I've written about before here. We have such a lovely time together and I have no doubt that we'll keep this up forever. One had found a scrap of paper (we reckon from early '78) on which we'd written our idols' names with ours, these included Paul Simonon and Sid Vicious 4 my two friends, and Billy Idol 4 me!! So of a time and age.

  4. Cracking post C. Real life has so much interesting stuff in it.

  5. Very mellow.

    Lovely evening...the kind that I can remember having with Martha up until around six years, one month and 28 days ago. :0

    1. Ok, I can draw the conclusion from that date that you may only have to wait another twelve years...

    2. There's always boarding school.

  6. Replies
    1. I've just taken the plunge and ordered a copy!


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