Thursday, 18 September 2014

Go, Gogo Penguin, go!

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places sometimes.  Here is Gogo Penguin and her little sidekick Mammal Hands.  With thanks to The Swede at Unthought Of Though Somehow for his post here (where you can hear the real bands).


  1. Wonderful! The bloke who runs our local chippie looks just like this when he's on his scooter. Inspiration does indeed come from the strangest of places.

    1. Cheers - it's an awful scrappy sketch but I had to get something down. Maybe to be developed at a later stage into something completely different!
      I have a nice image of your chippie bloke riding his scooter - with an old-fashioned crash helmet and one of those jackets that fills with air and billows out?

  2. Replies
    1. You can't have a gogo penguin on a Vespa without swanky boots.

  3. This is brilliant C. Those boots are just priceless!


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