Monday, 9 September 2013

What's in the nest box?

Safe, environmentally friendly and cosy accommodation
with comfortable feather bed, central heating and regular room service.
Quiet location with garden view; babies very welcome.
Available Spring and Summer.

Isn't it beautiful?

Trailer Bride: Hope Is A Thing With Feathers


  1. Quite lovely. Can't beat nature. What kind of bird made this? Great track, too.

  2. Looks very comfy! Not heard of Trailer Bride before - good tune!

  3. Thanks, both - it's a bluetit nest, so small and yet about six or seven chicks were successfully hatched in it and stayed there until they were practically bursting out of the box, bless 'em. I must say its delicately feathered lining is so, so soft that I wish I could shrink right down and curl up in it myself.

    Glad you like the Trailer Bride track, sort of country-goes-spooky, just something I stumbled upon via a circuitous route. I'm a bit hooked on it at the moment!

  4. Sheep wool and moss, an earthy and pungent combination of materials.

    Trailer Bride are terif they remind me slightly of The Cowboy junkies.

    1. Hi bena48, yep it's a bit musty...
      Pleased you like Trailer Bride too, I know what you mean about the Cowboy Junkies; plus I think both those band names are great.

  5. We had one of those...well not quite as pretty as that one, more of twigs and cigarette wrapper kind of thing...on our new back porch.

    Odd for August but there were still some babyish bird loafing in it, I think the momma took the opportunity of the chaos of the move to kick her kids out. It was abandoned the next day.

  6. Hi e.f. - typing this from my new computer (oooh)...
    Twigs and cigarette wrappers?! Those birds don't miss a trick. Hope they come back to you next year :-)

  7. Replies
    1. We can offer preferential rates for blog readers :-)


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