Wednesday, 4 September 2013


This beautiful, mellow Summer yawns on in the manner of a sleepy cat, metaphorical paws outstretched. Spider threads hang like washing lines across the garden path, the dandelion seeds drift on the breeze; I still catch them and make wishes.   But I find this time of year a little poignant because I know it’s nearing its end.  The once vibrant colours are looking tired and sun-bleached now and the daylight makes its exit so much earlier, as if it needs more sleep to renew itself (much like I do).  Plus I keep finding dead things.  Dead bumblebees mostly, which are lovely to pick up because at least you can stroke their little furry backs without fear of reprisal.  Lately too I’ve found masses of detached butterfly wings; it seemed a bit of a mystery as to why there were so many, until I witnessed the quite remarkable spectacle of a wasp catching a small tortoiseshell, turning it over whilst pinning it to the ground and then flying off, somewhat heavily, with its prey.  I think the wasps are having a feast this year, what with the caterpillars’n’all.  

And from the sublime to the ridiculous: much like Summer, my faithful desktop PC, which I use for everything, is knackered and close to the end too.  I’ve just had a clear-out and found the receipt for it (from 2006!) which, by complete coincidence, is dated 4th September.  Given the cynical but credible notion of built-in obsolescence I think it’s done pretty well to last this long but it really is arthritic now, limping and wheezing its way through every task, its fan whirring in protest when I push it to work a little harder, so I’m on the search for a new one.  I might be quiet on the blogging front for a short time while I get myself organised.  Just making a wish on a dandelion seed won’t get it sorted….

Emiliana Torrini: Unemployed in Summertime
Just because it's such a perfect Summer song.


  1. I lug my work computer around with me on the road. Every time I open it I just assume it's going to be dead. Every time I'm disappointed...and have to chew on it while the machine goes through it's warm up and all the various programs sputter to life...the scans run and crash the pages I've opened, etc.

    As for Summer...I'll have to get back to you in October.

    Good luck getting back up...don't stay gone.

  2. A friend of mine who I was helping get a site sorted out had his ageing machine shrug off its mortal coil earlier in the week - bad news. You have done well to get that long from yours.

  3. Thanks both, I'm hanging on in here! I can't seem to stop myself messing about on it today, though, like I'm never gonna be back, making this ol' machine work to its very last breath, I really must get back to my paints and paper.... they don't crash... (although I'd kill for a back button)

  4. On the day I put my iPod through both wash and spin cycle. Note to self: check pockets before throwing shirts in the laundry basket. New one on order, my fourth. It's 7th generation apparently. Bloody hell, how long have these things been around?

    1. Oops. A very *clean* iPod is not necessarily a good thing. But you won't have been the first, or the last, I'm sure.
      Maybe they should come with 'washing' instructions, ie. do NOT machine wash, spin, wring, tumble dry, iron, etc....?

  5. Your descriptions of the (presumably?) dying days of summer are lovely. It's a lot cooler today (which I like!), but the previous few days were incredibly heavy and warm. Is it all over for another year I wonder?

    My laptop is of a similar vintage to your PC and also occasionally makes a series of alarming noises, in addition to becoming almost untouchably hot. Maybe I need to be proactive for once and consider a replacement before something calamitous happens.

    I hope your upgrade is swift and painless.

    1. Thanks! I'm thinking - and hoping - we may have an Indian summer. Still tired and faded, but not so intense - that would suit me fine. I love Autumn for other reasons, but I love the *easiness* of the warmer seasons.

      Sounds like your laptop is doing well too. But, yes, there's a need to be proactive sometimes; I take it for granted that this machine will just do everything I want it to and if it should fail me completely one day, as I fear it now may, I'd be buggered (work AND leisure all tied up in it...) The time has come!


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