Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Mystery lovechild - the DNA results are in!

It's that Jeremy Kyle moment, the DNA* test results....

Thanks so much to everyone for joining in with the Mystery Lovechild post; I really had no idea how easy or hard the identification process would be.

If I were going to allocate points for every correct answer, which I'm not, then everyone would get some and Rol would get the most, closely followed by Gram Lynch, whilst CC, Alyson, Marie, Chris and Darcy all guessed some of the suspects too.  And that's everyone who tried, so well done to all!

Here are the answers and the 'proof'...

Adele and Ozzy

I hate to say this, but I keep thinking it's just Katy Perry gone wrong.  I love the fact that CC suggested it might be Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - just don't tell Kelly!  But it was Alyson who correctly identified that Ozzy's 'other half' here was 'someone like you'.

Joni and Johnny

It seemed an obvious match to me. This coupling's 'daughter' has actually inherited all of John's features, and only has Joni Mitchell's hair and bone structure.  I was kind and shaved off that bumfluff moustache too. There was some speculation about paternity at first, though.  Mrs CC reckoned on Tom Petty, Rol thought Jackson Browne but, as Gram commented, Joni's studmuffin was indeed John Lydon/Johnny Rotten.  Chris could see that one too.

Diana and Jimi

The inspiration for that Supremes song perhaps?  This lovechild might still be wearing her Dad's shirt and haircut, but she's definitely got her Mum's eyes and lips.  Jimi Hendrix's huge hand could've been a bit of a giveaway too.  Marie came straight in here with the correct answer for this, no messing about!

Debbie and Dave

No, not the child of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John as Rol thought, quite understandably.  Gram was quick to identify Debbie Harry, but getting Dave Vanian took a few more attempts (and some damned neat clues) and then only Darcy saw that one.

Madonna and Elvis

I had to do a bit of hair removal and eyebrow reshaping on this, a tricky mix, and the shadows were troublesome.  But is it so wrong that I find myself rather strangely attracted to the result? - you know, that quiffy hair, that smouldering expression, those pretty eyes.  Oh I'm so confused.  So was Rol, it seems, when he first suggested that Elvis might've fathered a child with Marc Almond, though his second guess at Madonna was indeed correct.

Susannah and Brett

This one proved difficult and I think it was only after some heavy-handed clues that Alyson correctly spotted Susannah Hoff's sultry features, as it seems that even cutting a hole in a piece of paper to look through and blank out the distracting parts didn't help in this instance. You never know when it may come in handy again, though, Alyson....   Now, for some reason I got the impression from reading several blogs for a few years that Susannah has an awful lot of fans so, to be honest, I'd expected a quicker response.  It just goes to show what a difference a rugged jawline and a radical haircut can make to even the prettiest of faces. Having an Adam's Apple and flat chest probably doesn't help, I grant you.  Anyway, Rol latched onto Brett Anderson, and I'm sure Darcy knows who he is now!

Barbra and Evan

Let's be honest, it is really quite hard to tell these two apart when you see them side by side.  Their young progeny appears to have inherited Barbra Streisand's distinctive nose and mouth though, and a little bit of her fringe.  Rol correctly identified both Babs and Evan Dando.

Annie and Paul

Look, just because your 59-year old (secret) Dad had a new baby this year with his 30-year old wife, you don't have to look so bloody cross! You've got your (secret) Mum's lovely luscious lips, good hair and sharp suit after all.  Then again, if it's up for question whether your biological father is Eminem as suggested by Rol, or "the boy from Divine Comedy" (I'm sure Neil Hannon will be flattered, CC!) then it might be a bit irksome.  Gram was spot on re. both 'parents' though: it's Annie Lennox and Paul Weller, of course.

So, that's the lot.   Thanks again for playing along with this most peculiar of genetic experiments, I was really impressed by the quick detective work too.   I might even manage some more one day - it got kind of addictive....

*Digital Nerdy Art


  1. Some of these I got in one second, but a few I stared at a long while and never solved. Yikes! Susannah with an Adam's apple is going to give me nightmares. I wasn't even close with that one. Fun game, C.

    1. Thanks and Sorry about that Susannah image! I'm sure a few more nightmarish ones could be arranged - they all came out a bit freaky (I'm particularly disturbed by Debbie and Dave).

  2. Thanks for taking the time to put this puzzle together - I kind of got here too late but still played along. Great fun.

    As for the bit of paper with the hole in it - It doesn't work, so in the bin now!

    1. Thanks, I'll have to give a heads up before I put any more heads up! Glad you still played along and also got Adele and Susannah, top work. As for the bit of paper, well it was an ingenious idea, anyway!

  3. Susannah and Brett- couldn't quite put my finger on it.

    1. I really thought you would spot her, SA... those eyes!

  4. Replies
    1. Cheers CC. I don't even know why I started doing it when I did this time, but I do remember a few years ago, after a conversation about how Morrissey was looking more and more like John Le Mesurier/Sergeant Wilson (!) my friend Andy showed me a fantastic job he did of blending them together. It stuck in my mind ever since!

  5. Completely and utterly missed the original post - what a great game. Again, again!

    1. Oh, so sorry you missed it - I'm sure I'll do another some time, it was great fun, just a bit time-consuming. But when I do hopefully, I'll give a bit of notice - the more the merrier.

  6. More, please. (Though I am now certain that Annie & Paul are Eminem's parents.)

    1. Thanks Rol, much encouraged. Re. Annie, Paul and Eminem, I think you're right....

  7. Great fun. Well done for putting it together.

    1. Thanks Gram, and for joining in. Well done for all your correct answers too!


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