Saturday 11 January 2014

Talk Talk II

More music.

I have unexpectedly fallen a little bit in love with Mark Hollis from Talk Talk... in a completely non-physical way... but more on that later perhaps!

In the meantime, on my ongoing voyage of discovery which started simply from digging out an old '77 punk album (see previous post), I came across this cover version of Talk Talk's song 'Inheritance' off their 1988 album 'Spirit of Eden'.  This take is from the tribute album 'The Spirit of Talk Talk' (2012).  Recoil is the project of former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder, and this track features vocals from Linton Kwesi Johnson (takes me back to listening to 'Forces Of Victory'!) and Paul Marshall (Lone Wolf).

I dunno why, it's just moving me at the moment!

Recoil ft. Linton Kwesi Johnson and Paul Marshall: Inheritance


  1. Funny you mentioned Forces of Victory I was thinking about that album the other day and was thinking about how I could use the title track in a post...little victories and all that....but it went out of my mind.....all these thoughts maybe I shud list for future know barren periods!

    1. Great album, Forces of Victory, and I just love LKJ's rich voice. Look forward to a post from you about little victories! Yes I sometimes have random thoughts for post ideas but when I'm in a situation where I just can't write them, must get a jotter pad!

  2. I got the Spirit of Talk Talk for Christmas. Haven't had chance to listen yet but I'm looking forward to it.
    Mark Hollis is one of the great lost voices of British music.

    1. Hi - thanks for dropping by! Hope you enjoy it - I'm now thinking of getting it myself on the basis of the artists and tracklisting and my (newly discovered) appreciation, I'm sure it'll be good. I agree about Mark's voice - which weirdly I'm enjoying so much more in retrospect.


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