Sunday, 26 January 2014

Girl Crush Sunday #1

The first in an occasional series for those lazy blogging days when I can't be arsed to write much!

from Ladytron

Plus my favourite Ladytron track:


  1. I have a crush on her now too thanks to you.

  2. The picture alone makes me want to run off and join some futuristic version of the Red Army - that is, I suppose, what comes of having been brought up on Servalan / Jacqueline Pearce on TV in my formative years...

  3. I'm joining the queue!

  4. When are we gonna get to Jeanie C Riley?


  5. Then I'll see you boys in the queue! ;-)

    (e.f. - Harper Valley PTA, brilliant. But Bobbie was always the one for me - expect to see her at some point too.)

    1. Last shot at trying to set this thing right...

      there will be no boy crush posts there...but Bobby Gentry will probably make an appearance.

    2. Got it!
      It has always been more acceptable for girls to have girl crushes than for boys to have boy crushes and I'd quite like to see that change for some perverse reason... but Ms Gentry has a boy's name and that'll do for now ;-)
      See you over there.


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