Friday 24 January 2014

But is it art? IV

I wish I could say I'd painted this:

....on an 8ft square canvas, on my way to The Big Fuck Off Picture!  Night, ash, flames, ship, sparks, smoke, heat, the excitement of danger, the thrill of lost control... or whatever you want it to be.

But it would be a lie, and I'm a crap liar!

...Take photo of randomly paint-smeared drawing board, crop pic in Photoshop, change to negative.  (S'not cheating, is it?)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you - or should I say "bless you"? Snot cheating.

  2. This one is easy. You've actually manipulated the image. It's not cheating in any way.

    I'm not aware of any artist great or small that hasn't used "mistakes" in painting...or, for that matter, who receive pure, unadulterated inspiration.

    If you painted...with a brush...this bit of your the way you've presented it, would the same question persist. How would that be any different than painting an apple, a crack pipe...or any other object one happens to have layin around?

    This one is Art...beautiful too.

    1. Thank you too. Not that I've ever painted a crack pipe... I love that: 'an apple, a crack pipe'...
      I noticed the forms in the accidental paint smears, I liked them so much, but the colours weren't right so I'm grateful to digital magic for the chance to manipulate. But would I have been able to paint them like that deliberately, ever? I don't think I would have. I hope I can learn though, just from tuning into why it seems beautiful to me.

  3. If you say it's art, then it's art (Richard Wattis)

  4. However it was made, I love it. Beautiful fish swimming in the deepest ocean, innit.

    1. Thanks, Monkey - hadn't seen it as fish in the ocean until you pointed it out, now it looks different again to me.

  5. I agree that because you maniplated the pic and saw somthing counts


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