Saturday, 29 August 2020

In stitches

 A fantastic stash of vintage magazines came into our possession recently.* Well, I say fantastic... They're fantastic if, like me, you find there's nothing like a little tackiness to bring some brightness to a gloomy day.  

Tackiness comes in many forms but you can't beat a bit of kitsch knitwear, can you?  There's plenty of it to be found within the pages of 'Pins and Needles' and it seems only apt that I ended up with the condition of the same name after unwisely kneeling on the floor to browse through them.  But, oh you know how it is, you see a 1963 article on how to crochet a doily and you're hooked.  (No pun intended.)

Anyway, I can't keep them all to myself!  Let me treat you to some of the images and ads from that bygone age when the sound of our mothers' knitting needles clacking away was loaded with a strange sense of doom for us children of the '60s.  We just knew we might end up looking something like this... 

Life wasn't so great for our mums, either.   40-22-35?  "Where do you fail?"  Ffs!

There's nothing like a disembodied dog's head on a trophy shield to give you nightmares...

...oh, other than a wild-eyed, demented Gonk who wants to lick you.  Lucky?  I think not.

Still, if you seek something a little more sophisticated, you could always install a quilted cocktail bar:

- and invite Eric and Ernie over to compare sweaters

"What do you think of it so far?"


He'll grow out of it...

Magic ones?

More creepy ideas to scare the children

The ultimate in suave

And finally, is it a dress?  Is it a tablecloth?  It's both!

* With many thanks to Pete.


  1. These are brilliant, C. More, please!

    It's interesting that the Kurvon (great name - sounds like a Star Trek villain but also does exactly what it says on the tin) tablets are for women who want to "fill out". How times have changed...

    1. Glad you like them. There are more, but I'll pace them!
      The more things change the more they stay the same... now those Kurvon ads are replaced by Make Yourself Amazing commercials offering cosmetic surgery. I despair!

  2. Was just going to say, "These are brilliant", but I see Rol has beaten me to it. They are though. Synchronicity strikes agian though in that I have taken to knitting myself of late (it's very calming) but I hate the sewing up I have 6 tiny garments not quite good to go. Been into town today though to buy some buttons for a little cardi for my friend's new baby.

    Love Eric and Ernie modelling their jumpers and the little boy in his "first suit". Mr WIAA's mum used to knit him trunks for his beach holidays - Itchy and they fell off when they got wet!

    Those Kurvon tablets sound very sinister - Women were being sculpted into some required shape (by whom?) and probably ended up being Stepford wives.

    Great images - Well done on acquiring them.

    1. Ah that's coincidental about your knitting! Fortunately I know your baby garments will be delightful and tasteful, but there are some real horrors in the pages of these mags. Knitted trunks for beach holidays - that was never going to be a good idea!
      Yes, the idea of taking pills, who knew how dangerous they were, or maybe they were placebos? There are other ads in here too for slimming pills. I guess people have always wanted a quick 'fix'...

    2. You might also like these:

  3. Let me tell you a story about Kurvon:

    1. Ooh, intrigued, thank you. I can't get the page to load at the moment, dammit. Will try again later...

  4. A quilted cocktail bar is the missing piece of the music room jigsaw


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