Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Who is the mystery lovechild? Part Two

What a miserable time of year. I'm all for some light relief and a little blogging frivolity always helps....

So, yes, the rather fetching blend of characteristics featured in the last post were indeed from the very lovely Nile Rodgers (did you see that brilliant three-part BBC Four documentary on him, 'How To Make It In The Music Business', last October?) and the really rather scary Grace Jones.  Here's the 'proof' should it be needed:


This song seems quite apt...

But back to the matter in hand.

Please brace yourself for some other faces whose inherited features may not be so obvious - or are they?  Some may be wearing one of their parents' hand-me-downs and haircuts, which helps - but whose nose or eyes, or rugged chin perhaps, have they ended up with? All are, or have been, notable characters in the music business.

Anyway, no prizes for correct answers I'm afraid but all suggestions very welcome!











(Don't go having any nightmares, now....)


  1. Guesses galore here, but here goes......

    1) PJ Harvey & Dave Grohl
    2) Iggy Pop & Pete Doherty
    3) Paul Simonon & ????????????
    4) David Essex & ????????????
    5) Brian Eno & Kylie Minogue
    6) Lionel Richie & ???????????
    7) My wild shot in the dark is Mick Jagger & Marianne Faithfull
    8) Jim Morrison & Bjork
    9) This is brilliant! Liam Gallagher & Siouxsie
    10) Bobbie Gentry & Marc Bolan

    1. Absolutely brilliant identification work there, TS! Lots of correct answers in there but Pete Doherty is not one of them (I know, it's the hat, isn't it?!)

  2. 1 Dave Group & Alanis Morrissey's

    2 Pete Doherty & Madonna

    3 If TS says Simonson... I'll add Kylie

    4 Johnny Married & Suzy Quarto

    5 Queen Victoria & Martin Gore

    6 definitely Lionel - dunno who with.

    7 Mick & ???

    8 Jim Morrison & Sheena Easton

    9 Noel Fielding? Just Noel Fielding.

    10 Bobbie Gentry & Ritchie Manic

    I suspect The Swede will have beat me.

    1. Queen Victoria, haha! She kept that rock'n'roll career of hers very quiet....
      I'm not sure how to 'mark' these answers, don't want to spoil it for any other suggestions that might be yet to come, so I'll just tell you that the following are NOT in there:
      Alanis Morrissette, Pete Doherty, Madonna, Johnny Marr, Suzy Quatro, Queen Victoria (!), Martin Gore, Sheena Easton, Noel Fielding (love that, what a likeness), or Ritchie Manic.
      Kylie IS there, but not in No. 3.

    2. It would have been easier to just say: you got them all wrong!

    3. I know - I'm not very good at this marking business, I should have asked a teacher ;-)

  3. I don't have much here that hasn't already been guessed but here goes:

    1) Dave Grohl + PJ Harvey
    2) Pete Doherty + Carl Barat
    3) Paul Simonon + Britney Spears
    4) David Essex + Chrissie Hynde
    5) Brian Eno + Kylie Minogue
    6) Lionel Richie + Janet Jackson
    7) Mick Jagger + Marianne Faithfull
    8) Jim Morrison + Bjork
    9) Liam Gallagher + Siouxsie Sioux (but yes, my first thought, like Rol, was Noel Fielding!)
    10) Bobbie Gentry + Marc Bolan

    So more or less what The Swede said...!

    1. Excellent work, 16 out of 20!
      Pete Doherty keeps coming up, and Mr SDS thought the same too when I showed him No. 2. But it's not him...
      And I kept all the pairings heterosexual, as we're looking for the *biological* parents - you know, gotta keep it authentic ;-)
      So nowhere amongst this lot will you find Pete Doherty's, Carl Barat's, Britney Spears' or Janet Jackson's DNA....

    2. 2) Iggy Pop + Louise Wener then...?

    3. You and TS are both right about Iggy. The bottom half of the face is not Louise's, though. It belongs to America's sweetheart...

  4. Well done on the photo-shopping. A lot of hard work has gone into this again I can tell.

    Many of these already guessed correctly I suspect but here is my tuppence worth:
    1) Dave Grohl/Carly Simon
    2) Iggy/Christina Aguilera
    3) Paul Simonon/Pink
    4) Joan Jett/John Taylor (Duran Duran!)
    5) Brian Eno/Kylie
    6) Lionel Richie/Aretha Franklin
    7) Mick/Marianne
    8) Jim Morrison/Bjork
    9) Siouxie/Liam Gallagher
    10) Marc/Bobbie Gentry

    Anything new there I wonder not already guessed?

    1. Thanks Alyson and brilliant work from you too - 15 out of 20 and the only one to spot Aretha!
      I've got myself into a bit of a quandary, I should've worked out beforehand the best way to deal with the suggestions! So I'll follow this up in a minute with an up-to-date summary....

  5. Great suggestions, thanks, and really interesting!
    A quick recap to show where the gaps are and some clues - I'll do a proper 'answers' post soon with the original pics but in the meantime we're still looking for just two who haven't been found yet

    2) Yes, it's Iggy Pop but the lower half of the face is still a hole....
    3) Yes it's Paul Simonon but you should be in no doubt about the eyes and mouth of the other

    All the other pairings have been correctly guessed and will be confirmed shortly...

    1. Is no 2 Courtney Love and no 3 Gwen Stefani?

    2. Ah. Cryptic clues! Think Alyson has scooped these both up.

    3. Yay! Excellent work Alyson! All identities now solved, that didn't take long, will have to make it harder another time ;-)
      Will post 'proof' over the weekend.

  6. You've got some clever readers, C. Mighty impressed. This is good fun.

    1. I know, Brian, I'm very impressed. I know it's all pointless but it's fun to do, takes my mind off some other things and is strangely rewarding!

  7. These are great. I've been away from blogland for several weeks. How nice, when I return to do the rounds, to find some lighthearted goings on. A very belated Happy New Year, by the way.

    1. Thanks Martin. Think we could all do with some light relief! And thanks for the New Year wishes - to you too.


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