Thursday 16 October 2014


I'm dog-tired and uninspired, no chance to blog, too much slog - the kitchen will be bitchin tho' right now there's no wow, it's just a bitch... that's the sitch.

But I'm not shirking, no, I'm working, like a dog. Dog-tired dog. Perhaps that should be, because I'm a she: bitch-tired bitch?  Is that a bit rich or (natch unlike me) un-PC?!

(Sorry I'm quiet, life's a riot...)


  1. Bustin' rhymes in the empty kitchen. On the trees, there's lichen. I had a cut, they put a stitch in.

  2. Don't work too hard. I'm digging the new look for the kitchen. What rhymes with minimalist?

  3. I like that kitchen. It doesn't have a sink...which means there can't be any scrubbing up.

  4. I know you're itchin', to have your kitchen, but try not to stress, 'bout the mess.

  5. Thank you...

    Great comments, one and all. Great content - you're all cool. I'm still busy in a tizzy but I'm a realist (goes with minimalist). Paint it purple? What turtle? No sink so no scrubbin I'll just go out clubbin. What rhymes with 'Rough Luxe'? "This shit sucks"?!


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