Friday, 25 July 2014

For the love of art

I've only been to Tate Modern three times.  The first time was just a few years after it opened, and I went with a friend I hadn't seen for over a decade. We'd arranged a rendezvous on a hot, sunny Spring afternoon on the Millennium Bridge, where we were relieved to find we recognised each other without difficulty in spite of the years that had passed.  I got sunburnt whilst supping a pint outside at a nearby pub.

The last time was just a couple of years ago, where I went with the same friend. We'd arranged a rendezvous on a wet, windy Spring afternoon on the Millennium Bridge - recognition no longer a concern, peering from under my umbrella as the heavens opened. We queued up in the dark to see Damien Hirst's blingy 'For The Love Of God' skull and visited every floor.

And the occasion in between was on my own - on a windy, sunny Autumm morning, after an overnight stay in London following a publisher's party (and should that sound like I live some kind of high-flying high life, it's the only one I've ever been to!)  I was tired and a little worse for wear, but still the visit confirmed my undying love for Max Ernst's 'Forest and Dove'.

So tomorrow it'll be my fourth time... with lovely pals I haven't seen for a few years... there's an exhibition of Matisse Cut Outs and I'd like to see the Malevich show... I'll wear suncream and take an umbrella... and I'll blow a kiss to the Millennium Bridge, to 'Forest and Dove', and to old friends.

Have a good weekend!

Kazimir Malevich: Self Portrait 1912


  1. A print of Ernst's Elephant Celebes is on my wall now and has gone with me through all the various office and rooms I've inhabited. It's an image that is dear to me and I think it's there at the Tate.

    You enjoy yourself ma'am.

  2. Enjoy yourself. Tate Modern is good if always a bit busy. The Rothko paintings are brill

  3. Time was when it was the turbine room of a mighty power station

  4. The Millenium Bridge seems to have become rather an iconic spot for meeting people , I wonder if it's because if you don't like the look of someone you can continue walking whilst hiding behind a newspaper (or a handy umbrella or sun hat?) It always used to be the steps of the Tate, maybe it is the proximity of art as a potential icebreaker that has something to do with it?

  5. Next time you're on the bridge look out for Ben Wilson's teeny chewing gum paintings.

  6. Circe's Attic, my very talented cousin, is far too modest to tell you, but she's written a lovely piece today all about the Millennium Bridge on her blog.

  7. Thanks everyone, I had a lovely time! :-)


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