Sunday, 27 May 2012

Drive-In Sunday

I found these in a copy of the AA's 'Drive' magazine, Spring 1967...

Perhaps not surprisingly, there were a few chippy responses to these from women in the following edition.  (Other correspondence in the same issue included suggestions that cars should be fitted with rear-screen wipers and that push-button pedestrian crossings are a washout....)


  1. The drawings are excellent. By that, I mean the style of drawing and not the content...I have no comment on the content.


  2. Cartoons of that time were just brilliantly drawn - my Dad used to always collect the Giles cartoon books every year I remember looking at all the detail in them.

  3. Yes I like the drawing style too, nice and sketchy/inky and very much of the era. I like the cars in them too, all tail-fins and big grilles...!
    As for the subject matter - I couldn't help but laugh even if somewhat ironically - it's just like the old British seaside postcards, where women fall into two categories: either grossly fat and overbearing, or shallow/vain young bimbo. There's the humour, though. Classic.


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