Friday, 1 July 2011

Addendum: Hysteria in the making

If you’ve just read my last post ‘The first gig you ever went to…?’ then you may understand my excitement at having been sent a scan of the actual editorial piece from the local paper that I referred to.  HUGE thanks to good friend Pete (to whom I would willingly award my home-made Jam badge if only I still had it) for unearthing a photocopy of this from all those years ago.  I never thought I’d see it again and I’m glad my memory hadn’t distorted it too much!

I don’t need to add any more – this just says it all.  Click on it and enlarge to get the full effect!


  1. That's so funny. Almost unbelievable. Like something from the American bible-belt. Have to remember this stuff when I find myself coming over all disapproving about today's youth. (Though mainly I disapprove because they don't seem to do anything).

  2. Absolutely! Actually on re-reading it I'm rather curious as to the writer's use of the word 'erotic' in that context! Maybe he was harbouring secret desires for all that PVC and black lipstick but needed to overcompensate for his guilt by being so disapproving...?! But there you go, it says it in black and white so it must be true...

  3. Yes, I don't think I ever heard punk rock described as 'erotic'?! What a giveaway...

  4. Actually, do you think he meant 'neurotic'?

  5. I think you're probably right about 'neurotic', A. What a great malapropism. Just imagine if if those two words were always being confused, people would be going to see exhibitions of neurotic art, and getting all erotic about their worries!

  6. I don't remember that incredible review in The Gazette but I do remeber the gig, which was great !

    1. It was, wasn't it? The Gazette comment was so ridiculous!


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