Wednesday, 6 April 2011

What goes around comes around (again)

Aww... I’ve some really happy memories of being 15 and here’s one of them.  A summer’s day.  A copy of Zig Zag magazine if I remember rightly.  Once black trousers that I had lovingly Jackson Pollocked in the bath using the remains of emulsion paint from various decorating ventures.  A cheap jacket from the Army Surplus store (the encircled A was already on it!) and an old child’s satchel decorated with part of a string vest (dyed pink), a union jack flag once bought at a fête and some marker pen daubings.  A little bit of green food colouring in the hair and I’m good to go!

It seems a world away… but in some ways not.   Last year I bought this gorgeous jumper from a lovely lady on ebay (she knits them to order).  It takes me back – not the first time I’ve worn such a thing (and every time I’ve worn it has brought a new happy memory too) - but somehow it doesn’t seem dated or wrong. It’s just a good top.  Holey knit!


  1. This begs a very important question, where were you when I was 15? That is amazing that they still make those sweaters, it seems like only yesterday Mr. Lydon and company were wearing those.

  2. We used to get our mums to knit them for us (bless!)

  3. Or - GYMTDI (Get Your Mum To Do It)...

  4. theyre made by a wonderful woman from!/loveprettyinpunk?fref=ts

    1. Indeed - and highly recommended! I love my jumper!


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