Thursday, 28 April 2011

In the flat fields

I’ve been rummaging through my drawers again and found a few pictures I’d taken locally a couple of years ago which I quite like, especially as I’m so crap at photography.  If you’re interested in ‘60s horror films there is a little more to these meadows than first meets the eye.  This is Witchfinder / Matthew Hopkins country, and these photos were taken within the grounds of the manor house in which some scenes of the fabulous 1968 movie ‘Witchfinder General’ were filmed.  I feel incredibly fortunate to live literally around the corner from this stately home (even though I inhabit more of a god-what-a-state-ly home myself…)

It’s rather lovely just to imagine Ian Ogilvy galloping through the buttercups.


  1. These are some lovely pics of pastoral England. I read of the film and its surroundings in Iain Sinclair's brilliant "Lights Out Over The Territory" book, though I'd seen the film eons ago I'd no idea it was directed by the great/ill fated Michael Reeves!

  2. Hi wilthomer and thanks. I don't know of that book so just had a look at reviews and it sounds v interesting! Seen the film a few times on TV going back a bit now, but recently bought the DVD which has great extra features including fascinating bit on Michael Reeves. So sad about his short life, but would love to see 'The She Beast'..!


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