Friday, 14 October 2016

The song retains the name #2

We were ruminating about reincarnation.  Feeling particularly sorry for myself for reasons I won’t go into except to say it’s a female thing, I said to Mr SDS this morning, “When you come back, don’t be a woman”.

“I don’t think you get to come back as a human again anyway,” he said. 

“Oh, that’d be alright then, I wouldn’t really want to.  Humans think too much.”

“So what would you be?” we both asked the other, simultaneously.

Mr SDS suggested a dog, which might be ok, although I’d worry about not having a kindly owner.  I think I’d prefer to be something wild.

“How about a giraffe?”  he proposed. 

“Bit dodgy with all those lions around."

“Then what about a lion?”

I liked that idea.  At first, anyway.  Then Mr SDS reminded me that it’d be hard work, having to run around killing things all day.

Killing things all day…. not really my cup of tea.  I’d rather not be a carnivore.  How about a mouse?

“With cats tossing you about in the air before eating your head?”  He was right of course.  Not a mouse.

“A fish!” was his final suggestion.   I was pensive for a moment, imagining myself swimming around in the deepest part of the deepest ocean, weaving gracefully between the corals, fins flapping, miles from mankind and land and fishing lines.  It was all very Blue Planet, beautiful. That’s it: a fish.  Yes.

“But not a small fish… you’d get eaten by bigger fish”

“Then I’ll just have to be a big fish.  I won’t mind eating a few smaller ones.”

So that’s it, settled - I want to come back as a big fish.

And fish lead me neatly to today’s Song Retains The Name instalment, wherein I post tracks by a band whose name is also the title of a song by another.   You were worried there, weren’t you, that I might be leading to this man...

but there will be no Marillion on this blog.

I should add that for this series I’m allowing a slight variation in the name/song title if one is pluralised.  I call it the ‘s’ rule.   So we could have the Temptations, and then Heaven 17’s Temptation, for example, and not worry about the 's'.

This allows me to post these:

I can’t remember when I first heard Summer Fun! by the Barracudas, but I don’t remember it from the year of its release, even though it reached No. 37 in the charts at the time (1980) and they made it onto Top Of The Pops.  (Hat tip to my good friend who once made a cool little fanzine called Summer Fun!)

 I do, however, remember playing it in the record shop I worked in a few years later, when sixties beat and psychedelia, both original and revival, seemed to be making a more significant resurgence.  We made sure the shelves were stacked with Nuggets, Nomads, Lime Spiders and Standells, etc. (and I spent most of my wages on them).

This English band were inspired to call themselves the Barracudas after the song by the Standells, which could make my inclusion of the band a bit of an iffy choice as it’s not just a coincidence.  However I discussed this recently with my independent adjudicator and decided to let these through if I like the songs enough.  Therefore I can have both, so here are the Standells and their rather splendid song Barracuda, from 1967 (I think).  Ed Cobb wrote this, as well a number of other tracks for the Standells, but is perhaps most well known for having written Tainted Love.

(I really should have put the Standells before the Barracudas - oh well.)


  1. "I wish I were a fish," as the Incredible Mr. Limpet used to say. Lots of challenges, but I think you settled on the right species next time around. Thanks for making this a Marillion-free zone. Just listened to Gloria Jones' version of Tainted Love earlier this week. Nice one, Mr. Cobb.

    1. Even a limpet's life might not be so bad, I'd imagine it's pretty secure...
      Like many others, I suspect, I heard Soft Cell's Tainted Love before I heard Gloria Jones, but I know which one I prefer!

  2. Tainted Love. Oh God, that's just reminded me of...

    1. ...a bottle of Eau de Lacoste for Mrs Medd?

  3. As a lady of (I think) a similar age I sympathise - Yes always thought I would prefer to come back as a man but as a friend pointed out recently the world is a tough place for young men nowadays so perhaps a Barracuda it is! Thanks for reminding me of their fun song as had totally forgotten about it.

    1. Hi Alyson, and many thanks (I've also replied to your comment on earlier post). Always good to hear another female perspective (and the sympathy for the woman-of-a-certain-age thing is particularly appreciated!!) I think your friend is right about the world being a tough place for young men too (I'm sticking with the fish!) At the risk of sounding old (but then again...) I do think we grew up in less pressured times. There were different stresses, challenges and inequalities but I don't remember ever feeling the degree of peer pressure that seems to pervade now. But that's probably another subject for another blog post (or several!)

  4. The word 'barracuda' doesn't crop very often in my day to day life, but every single time that it has since 1980, the little jingle at the start of 'Summer Fun' has played itself out through my noggin.
    What to come back as? An oak tree would suit me.

    1. Same here! I can't hear the word without the double syllable thing...
      Oh, an oak tree sounds rather wonderful. Just thinking of all the creatures you'd give sanctuary to. I never even gave thought to trees, but yes, now I think about it, what a life!


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