Thursday, 15 September 2016

The song retains the name #1

Oh dear, another terrible title for a post but, yes: another series!  Here's a game that everyone can play - and probably already has done, many times, in which case sorry for any repetition.  I'm not going to look it up and find out who, where or what results anyone came up with if they did, though, because that would just spoil a planned series as well as my fun - and I need a little excitement in my life.

So, this has been partly inspired by a run of posts over at the excellent blog Charity Chic Music, where our cordial host shared songs which name-checked an artist alongside a track by said artist.  For example, this one.  However, it was also partly inspired by spotting a low flying drone (ugh) hovering over the field on my way to the Post Office the other day.

I saw the drone... mentally stuck two fingers up at it (actually I should have done that for real) and then went on a rambly mind journey because of it, and en route I stopped at the Mancunian punk band the Drones, who I think I've only ever heard on the 'Short Circuit: Live At The Electric Circus' compilation album (nice 10", blue vinyl).  They shared the bill with the Fall and Joy Division, John Cooper Clarke, Buzzcocks and Steel Pulse - very 1978.  Anyway, as the drone in the sky disappeared over the hedge into the Old School car park, my thoughts continued up the musical highway and led straight to a single I'd heard last year by band FIDLAR (trendy capital letters, skate punk genre I believe), as it was indeed entitled Drone.  Does sound a bit like the Drones too, funnily enough.  My next rumination was perhaps only to be expected: the Drones / Drone... oh, I wonder how many other band names also happen to be song titles (and vice versa)?  Surely there must be a few?  So then Charity Chic's series came to mind, but with that being about lyrical name checks hopefully this is different enough not to be considered plagiarism, and could stretch to a few new posts here.

So now I have a couple of notebook pages full of scribbled down band names/song titles that are the same.  I'd love you to play along too if you haven't already exhausted a similar list yourself before - but I'm going to be mean and ask that you please don't tell me what you've come up with... at least not yet...because what has been read can't be unread and remember what I said earlier about excitement?

Now I just hope I can locate the various tracks I want to include, and if I do this series could run into double figures, which will be a first.

Let's kick off!  Here are a couple of obvious ones, but nonetheless they are corkers.  We have Bernard Cribbins with the song 'Right Said Fred' and then of course the band Right Said Fred... with 'I'm Too Sexy'.


But we do have these:

Edwin Starr: War

War: The World Is A Ghetto

(please click on links to play)


  1. An excellent idea for a series and not plagiarism at all
    Like the title
    Looking forward to hearing more and you've set the hares running in my head!

    1. Thanks CC, I didn't want it to seem too similar to your excellent series, but really wanted to give it a try. Hopefully I'll manage to keep this one going for a while. Will be interested to see if what I post will match those that you come up with and later on I'll want to know all the ones I've missed too!

  2. Great idea C. I can live without 'I'm Too Sexy', but I won't hear a bad word said about Bernard Cribbins! Of course the two selections you ended up with are none too shabby either! Looking forward to finding out where this series takes us next.

    1. Thanks TS and yes I must say I would actually let Bernard through just for being the voice of the Wombles!
      I'm excited about posting some interesting couplings for this series, once you start thinking of them it's hard to stop.

  3. What was the Bernard Cribbins one about the hole? You're digging it round and it ought to be square... etc.


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