Saturday, 20 April 2013

Solitary song

A quick musical interlude.

Inspired by this (thanks, Singing Bear!) I just dug out a CD single that I haven't played in ages - a cover of the Neil Diamond song 'Solitary Man' by HIM - and I still think it sounds great.  A combination of an Edward Scissorhands lookalike and some choppy, squealy guitar... mmm!  Well, it works for me.  Perhaps it's just a guilty pleasure?

There are more things to thank Finland for than just the Moomins!
And they also do a mean cover of 'Wicked Game'.


  1. Good version. Never knew they are Finnish.

    1. I can't think of many Finnish bands...Tasavallan Presidenti? (Lordi?!!) Their music (and literature) always seem to be a tad on the odd, dark side, though. I have a bit of yearn to go there some day.


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