Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fifty shades of white

I LOVE painting snow!


  1. I bow to your talent. I have no artistic skill whatsoever. Amazing.

  2. Absolutely fantastic. I love the little bear's expression in the last one.

  3. How cool, are these from a previous book project? You must let us know where to find your work. Snow is always magical but for children especially it transforms ordinary back gardens into whole new universes to be explored... something that you have captured wonderfully :o)

  4. Thank you, all...much appreciated, my confidence is only just starting to pick up again after taking a dive last year. Best bit about painting snow I find is that you can be so free with it, just lots of swathes of blues and whites and greys, smooth strokes, rough edges, all playful and unplanned, never knowing quite how it's going to turn out, but just having fun with it! I could happily paint snow scenes for the rest of my days!
    (Yve - yes two are from published books, one was just for the portfolio)

  5. That is brilliant Madame C. When I was young (primary school) I was considered really good at art. I always had to do the drawings of animals. Even on my Older Sister Rose's 'Nature Notes'.
    Sorry to say I have neglected the 'little talent I had' but my Sister has gone to art classes etc. and now is a very acomplised water colour artist. I sadly became more of a piss artist. (or was).

  6. Replies
    1. Ah, thank you, OPC. Now get your pencils out and start sketching - it's never too late!


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