Friday, 21 December 2012

Down at the Doctors...

No time to post more at the moment but the lovely folks over at the excellent music blog, Tune Doctor, recently asked if I'd contribute a little guest piece for their 'Tracks of the Year' series.   I was honoured (thank you!) - although I confess my listening choices have been rather behind the times these last twelve months.  It made me realise just how bad I've been at keeping up and how hard I am to impress these days!

Anyway, if you're interested please pop over there and have a listen.  Any thoughts you may have of me snarling along to the Pistols this year may be dashed, though...


  1. have to pop over when I've time to listen...

    Have to think on my review for 2012 actually this year has been good musicwise I feel, Mumford and Sons, Linkin Park, Muse, Paradise Lost, Black Country Communion, there's been some really good stuff come along to my ears...

  2. Replies
    1. Been meaning to thank you once again, Kolley, for the intro to Moon Duo. One of my discoveries of the year for sure.

  3. Only had time for a brief Lana Del Ray moment but will go back later... funnily enough I dusted off the old Suede CD's earlier this summer along with The Pixies

  4. Oh I feel very put to shame by most of the blogs I read when it comes to keeping up music-wise. I don't know why but it just hasn't really happened for me this year. I've spent most of it digging out stuff from at least five years ago... loving it, often with new ears, but it's not new music. I need to get that excitement back! 'Must try harder'...!


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