Thursday 1 March 2012

Unaccustomed as I was...

Those who read my post of a few weeks ago may remember the trepidation I expressed at the prospect of giving a talk/presentation to a group of strangers.  You kindly offered all manner of advice and encouragement and I considered every word.  Included were recommendations to rely on whisky, cocaine, a six-pack of lager and bottle and a half of wine and yes, I have to say they were all….

….well, left untouched at home, of course.  (Aargh, what am I saying?!  We don’t have any lager at home…)

As for presenting it through the medium of modern dance, I knew my wild gesticulations would naturally interpret in a most balletic fashion the deeper issues that I wanted to cover.

Seriously, though, I really did appreciate all the kind motivational tips that came my way - and I know they helped me through Tuesday evening when the big moment arrived.  So thank you.  It’s a bit of a blur now, but afterwards I was on such a high I reckon the buzz pumping round my system would have had a significant street value.

It all went according to plan and I even got a few laughs.  At least I think they were chuckling politely at my attempt at light humour and hopefully not at spaghetti hoop stains down my dress or something unsavoury-looking stuck between my front teeth…

Phew.  I’m glad it’s over.  But it was fun, and amazingly enough - I never thought I’d say this - I would do it again!

Image copyright C / Sun Dried Sparrows


  1. Way to go ! Now looking forwards to seeing you at Speakers Corner.

    1. Thank you! Look forward to meeting you in Hyde Park!

  2. Good on you! Onwards and upwards!

    1. Thanks - and you were so right when you said about deciding to enjoy myself - I did, and it really helped. It's all about how you approach these things, isn't it?

  3. I knew you had earned a day off.


    Guess I'll have to return this pony though.

  4. Thanks Yve, I'm not very brave at all and would normally avoid anything like that too, but something compelled me to step outside of my comfort zone this time! Maybe you should try it - if like mine if you were talking about something you know well and are passionate about, you might find the natural high afterwards is worth it!

  5. Thanks, e.f. - I'm still in recovery though and could do with about a month off now...
    Aw, shame about the pony. It was a tough decision but in the end I realised I wouldn't have the space to keep it anyway... I do appreciate the thought, though. Maybe next time something smaller, like a guinea pig?


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