Thursday, 9 February 2012

British Design 1948 - 2012

My eye was caught recently by news of this exhibition which celebrates over sixty years of classic British design.  The show will feature 300 exhibits, including furniture, ceramics, sculpture, photography, fashion and more  – look out for such classics as Jamie Reid’s ‘God Save The Queen’poster, and art from David Hockney and Henry Moore. A trip to the V&A always strikes me as good value and worth the effort of taking the train down to London, especially if I can combine it with doing something else.  So here’s an early heads-up, if you’re in the area some time this Summer. 

British Design 1948 - 2012 at the V&A
(Runs from 31st March to 12th August)

And this cries out for a little bit of British sixties pop...


  1. Between you, the one who should be working and Nathan John Booth ( I really like his work...His profile is in the followers over there) I am constantly being reminded of cool things I can't go to.

    This one is the coolest looking yet.

  2. Thanks, e.f. and sorry about that! - Although at least there is plenty of time left to save up and book your flights over here for this one ;-)
    Anyway, if (what do I mean, "if"? That should be "when"!) I go, I shall try and report back. I shall also go and have a look at Nathan John Booth's work, thanks for that!


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