Saturday 4 June 2011

Well it's 1969 ok...

(Honestly, it's not as naughty as it looks here!)

On early summer days like this, for some inexplicable reason (other than perhaps an association with fine weather) my mind drifts back to the sunny TV ads I grew up with in the ‘60s and ‘70s.  A beautiful blonde in a Sunsilk shampoo commercial was my idol for a while.  I lived at the top of a hill and I remember trying to run down it in, ahem, ‘slow motion’, with my long fair hair streaming behind me, convinced I looked just like her. Of course this must have been a ridiculous sight given that I was about seven, but in my mind it was real enough…  I recall too the international line-up in the Coca Cola advert where a chorus of attractive, multi-racial young things in traditional national costumes sang so jubilantly the song by the New Seekers: “I’d like to teach the world to sing…”  And I also remember the Cadbury’s Flake adverts which I didn’t fully appreciate until later on  - only when I was much older did I understand why they attracted so much attention and a nudge nudge wink wink reaction.  At the time, though, I just fancied a perfectly innocent, crumbly milk chocolate bar.  Just like that nice lady in the advert did.

1969 UK TV advert for Cadbury's flake


  1. Bel Mondo said........Mmmmm ! What a shame they stopped making them - although this one remains my favourite for some bizarre reason, maybe I was impressionable at the time !

  2. I have to agree, Bel Mondo, thanks! Mmmmm... to both painting in a poppy field and to that which "tastes like chocolate never tasted before"!


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