Friday, 4 March 2011

'Just what I always wanted' / 'Now those days are gone'

The rather incongruous mention of Bucks Fizz of all people in my recent post reminded me of another old picture from around 1982 so I pulled it out from its mouldy plastic sleeve in the portfolio behind the sofa…

Please, please make allowances for me being still in my teens at the time I drew this…and don't look too closely at the hands and feet (of course, now you've read that, you probably will...)

I think I was inspired by the Top Of The Pops video for the Land Of Make Believe single where they get to dress up in several different outfits, some of which were just ridiculously inappropriate, so I was being tongue-in-cheek here by including the very clich├ęd-looking punk Destroy t-shirt - although I could be wrong, but I’m not resilient enough to sit through the whole video to check if Bobby ever did don such a garment parody-style.  (Just for people who don't know me personally, or on whom any irony may be lost, I was NOT a fan!)

I got really into depicting pop people of the time in rather bizarre ways which may explain this

Whether you were to threaten me with lead piping in the library or not, I just don’t have a clue now why I’ve shown Mari Wilson as a Cluedo character (maybe because she didn't need hands or feet...?), though I think I probably had the intention of creating a whole set of music-related cards for the game one day. And now I think about it, it could include, oh….Dr John, Colonel Abrahams, Professor Green (Yes! That works on two levels!), hmmm…Missy Elliot…?  Mr Mister…?  Then again, perhaps not…

Both Bucks Fizz and Mari Wilson were doing well in the music charts then and somehow these illustrations, amongst others, got me to this stage the following year...

...which was very exciting and I did go down to their Carnaby Street office and met the very nice Art Director who wrote the letter.  I think I got a free cuppa out of it and the thrill of knowing I’d sat on the same loo seat as Siouxsie might once have done -  but nothing else.  The pictures were returned to their plastic sleeves in the portfolio, which has now lived behind several sofas over 27 years, and unsurprisingly never saw the light of day until here, which may explain the mould. 


  1. That Mari Wilson Clue marker is incredible! Shame on stodgy N.M.E.for not employing you.

  2. Why, thank you kindly, sir!


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