Sunday 27 February 2011

Get your kicks here

... with some fantastic footwear.  You gotta love kinky boots.  I’m almost literally dipping my feet in the shallow end of blogging here, but you can’t beat a nice pair of shiny shiny, shiny boots of (non-)leather, so here is just one of them for your delectation.  Recently bought off ebay at a bargain price from a lovely lady, they are called ‘Psychedelic’ and made by Mia, really retro-looking.  Apparently these were found in Canada; I don’t think you can get them over here. So shiny you can see your face in them (should you wish to stoop to that level and take a look at yourself, but I wouldn’t recommend it). 

I’m thinking of posting a regular musical recommendation on here but today I’m resisting the obvious one by Nancy Sinatra. I’ll stick with Nancy for being so appropriately kitsch, but given that it’s winter and I need some cheering up, I’m opting for Summer Wine (with Lee Hazlewood and his wonderfully rich voice.)  I look forward to both the summer and the wine…


  1. I'm having a bit of a girl crush on '60s Nancy Sinatra at the moment so this was a lovely post for me. Wonder if you still have the boots.

    1. Glad you liked the Nancy reference and I'm pleased the link still worked (a favourite song). I do still have the boots....


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