Tuesday, 17 May 2016

- Intermission -

Life has got a bit on top of me lately; hope to be back soon.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


I watched Savages on last night's 'Later...' and, this might sound like a strange response, but I felt so proud.   So proud that there are young women like these doing what they do, and doing it so well; I actually got a bit glassy-eyed.

In a world where women still - still! - sell themselves so short and aspire to ridiculously superficial ideals that prey on their low self-esteem, that very same low self-esteem that those ideals helped cultivate in the first place, we need Savages.  We really do.

I couldn't paste in the video but here's a youtube link to last night's performance:

Savages: Sad Person live (from Later with Jools Holland)

And here's another treat:

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Girl Crush Sunday #5

Vicky McClure

Oh, DC Kate Fleming, please save the day and tell me you haven't fallen for Dot's manipulative lies!

I've been literally on the edge of my seat at times during 'Line Of Duty' - and I do mean 'literally' in the literal (!) sense and not in the way it's so often misused (like "I'd literally cut off my right arm to see him again" or "I was so embarrassed, I literally died"...).  It happened last week when Steve was suspended...  the frustration and the anguish on his face..!  And  at the tension when Dot and Lindsay Denton were in the car.  How is it all going to get wrapped up in the final episode?  Who is pulling the strings?  

I can hardly wait 'til Thursday.... not just because of my girl crush on lovely Vicky.

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