Sunday, 19 June 2011

Under slate-grey Victorian sky

In spite of recent concerns about a possible drought, this little bit of East Anglia has been drenched by some heavy rain these last couple of days – so much so that on Friday afternoon it was cascading over the edge of our lower gutter onto the boiler flue below it which then leaked it into the kitchen.  Alone in the house and wondering what best to do I rushed outside to stand on the rickety, rotting wooden bench which threatened to give way under me and scooped some yucky brown stuff out of the guttering with a trowel whilst being thoroughly soaked in the downpour.  I had visions of my sodden body being found some hours later, impaled on a broken leg of the bench and covered in this shitty-looking matter, having been knocked out by a piece of fallen gutter (it’s cast iron…), with the garden implement by my side.  In my rural setting it would have looked like a crime scene out of ‘Midsomer Murders’.  In spite of that though, I still like summer rain!  It makes me want to run outside and, well, dance around in it naked (…I’m not alone in having that desire, am I?!)

Anyway I didn’t – dance naked or get knocked out and impaled, that is – but the rain and wind did make me think of an odd little collage I did a few years ago as a contribution to an urban folk tale about witches in modern day Camden on a wet, blustery day.  I only had a few hours spare to put it together but I had good fun just trying out something different.  The clouds are made of kitchen roll.  I got through a few sheets of that on Friday too, mopping up the leak indoors.

Artwork by C / Sun Dried Sparrows


  1. That's nice. Looks v. blowy. I must do more collage. I do collage bits and pieces into my sketchbooks but you can get stuck in the same ways of working all the time.

    Love the sound of rain. I've been known to listen to recordings of rain while I work (keep having to get up and go to the toilet though...)

  2. Thank you, A. You're right, so easy to get stuck, I do little outside my professional genre these days, I must try. Hope you get to do more collage then too. I know what you mean about the sound of rain; I work in a converted shed so it really pounds on the felt roof. It's either that or the sound of birds pattering back and forth over my head. Both are comforting! (Tho' it makes me jump when I hear bloody great woodpigeons landing on it with a thump!)

  3. Yes, funny how the sound of rain is so comforting. Wonder why that is? Some primitive response I suppose. Now funny you should mention birds... I think I feel a blog update coming on....!

  4. Will look forward to reading blog update if you do. I'm a little nuts (peanuts?) when it comes to birds. The title of this blog is just a small tribute!


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