Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The man in black

Finding that old Flake advert led me to look up a few others – ah, Cadbury’s certainly knew how to make ads that stay deeply rooted in our national psyche.  With music by Alan Hawkshaw and scenarios straight out of a Bond movie, who could (or would want to) forget the Milk Tray Man? 

It’s a shame there seem to be no better quality versions of these films (my apologies) but then some of us - well, me anyway -were probably watching them at the time on a cranky old steam-driven black and white TV anyway so maybe it just makes them look even closer to our original memories.

As with the highly suggestive Flake ad, I just don’t think they’d get away with them now.  The adventures of this particular chocolate box hero would probably now have to be accompanied by a warning saying “contains mild peril” (as well as nuts).

And all because the lady loves...


  1. Bel Mondo said.......... got to love the ad with the E-Type and the burst of very groovy hammond, it makes me want to dig out the cashmere polo neck and the black leather gloves !

  2. Yes so much grooviness!
    Like cashmere and black leather too, the appeal, for me, is timeless!


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