Friday, 22 April 2011

Riding a wave

A really weird thing is happening in England at the moment.  Honestly, it’s mad. Here we are, the Easter holiday upon us, loads of people have had this week off work as the schools have broken up, and (this is the weird bit) we have nice weather.  Not just nice, but absolutely bleedin’ gorgeous!

The sunny skies and warm breeze set my mind wandering and it happened upon a memory of a great three minute pop song from 1968 that just has that sunny skies and warm breeze kinda sound to it. Enjoy…

The irony is that this was actually released four weeks before Christmas… !  Doh!  Which is perhaps why it remained an obscurity.  I’m sure if it had been released in, say, July, it could have been a minor hit.

And if anyone is literally sitting down by the sea or riding a wave or two this weekend, I hope your mind says you’re happy! Have a good Easter.


  1. Birds of a feather sundriedsparrow:

    Have a splendid Bank Holiday weekend!

  2. Oh blimey! I guess that's what happens when you share common interests, and I love your review of it, thanks for the link. Great minds think alike! Isn't it just such a summery song? Been singing it to myself all day. Have a wonderful weekend too.

  3. Brings back my desire to get in the water again....after being unceremoniously plucked from a nasty rip by the RNLI this week - my mind says I was happy, then deeply grateful, then shockingly embarrassed......surfs up !

  4. Oh NO! My heart stops at the thought (of the nasty possibilities, not any embarrassment). Lovely to hear from you, glassover.

  5. Its child and rainy in New York City, but at least there is sunshine in the U.K., enjoy madame !

  6. Thanks, I am indeed. And watching real sun dried sparrows (they splash about in the birdbath, then dry off in the sunshine). The cynic in me says that it won't last long here, the optimist in me hangs on to hope... And hope you'll get some of it in NYC too.


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