Tuesday, 26 April 2011

London loves, part two

I don’t know what you think of Lulu….but then, actually, I don’t know what I think of Lulu either...   She’s one of those people I feel strangely ambivalent about. It’s like:  feisty young teen singer (check out her version of ‘Can’t Hear You No More’): cool. Eurovision winner with ‘Boom Bang A Bang’: uncool.  The voice behind the wonderful ‘To Sir With Love’: cool.  Being a supporter of Thatcher’s Tory party during the early ‘80s: uncool.  Staying incredibly youthful for her age: cool.  Too much Botox and/or fillers or something?: uncool…Getting machine-gunned, Peckinpah style, in ‘French and Saunders’: cool, etc. etc.  Oh, I’m SO confused!

I do know what I think about this song clip, though, and it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure.  I know, it strays into schmaltz balladry which is not my usual cup of tea, but it doesn’t seem to matter as I just can’t help but like it.  What does it for me though is this film, as Lulu sings her heart out against the backdrop of the Thames from the Embankment, and each time I view it I feel like I’m there too.  I can watch it again and again and imagine I’m walking by, leaning over the wall to watch the boats, or sitting on that bench.  I know it’s not quite like that in reality nowadays – the pavement is usually crammed with people and the traffic heavier. Lulu would probably have difficulty even trying to lip synch with lungs choked by the diesel fumes.  But next time I’m there I’m going to imagine the street is empty and I’ll sing “oh me, oh my, I’m a fool for you, baby…” quietly to myself as those long shadows stretch out across the paving stones, leaves whisper in the trees in a cool breeze and there’s not a piece of litter in sight.  Luckily for me I do have quite a vivid imagination…

Oh me, oh my!  Even that wide-collared yellow jacket and red flares don’t put me off.

I must get to the city again some time soon!


  1. Well to hear that from you, Smashingbird, makes me put another plus point in her 'cool' column!

  2. I saw Lulu on the American P.B.S. Robert Burns documentary "The Blues" about ten years back in the smashing all-British episode "Red White And Blue". She was featured along with Jeff Beck, Tom Jones and Van Morrison in the studio jamming, she looked like Hillary Clinton and was wearing this attrocious pink sweatshirt with sparkling letters from some Mid Western American university, but her voice was still spot on (unlike Van Morrison who also appeared jamming in the same episode). I did not know she was a Thatcherite, disturbing! Somewhere I have a musty old issue of "Disc & Music Echo" from '67 or '68 with her holding an Imperial pint of brown stuff talking about her virginity and that "the only peace and love is through Jesus", to each his/her own I guess. Or maybe it was just for show? Keep up the fab work, you "birds" (Sun Dried Sparrow and Smashingbird) are my fave blogs lately.

  3. Well....Bel Mondo says - just can't seem to get that to work !

    When she freaks out she really does it well, sad to have too many memories of 70s tv specials tho ! Mind you it didn't hurt Dusty in the long run so maybe we'll forget all the bad bits....apart from the Thatcher support of course, we never forget that ! See you on the Embankment !

  4. glassover - you are so right...
    The Embankment's a date!

  5. Wilthomer - thanks, sounds v interesting! Your observations add to my confused ambivalence - mind you, she's been around long enough to have had many re-inventions... Thanks for lovely comment about the blogs, I feel that is such a nice accolade,coming from Anorak Thing! I'm also enjoying the sense of camaraderie.


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