Monday, 18 April 2011


I’ve realised I haven’t put any old drawings on here for a while and my strap line does mention that I’m going to be rummaging through a few.  So I’ve had a bit of a poke around and here are a handful of quickly-drawn life studies from a few years ago just in case they tickle your fancy, if your fancy needs any tickling. 

Artwork by C / Sun Dried Sparrows
Life drawing is a strange and wonderful thing.  In my experience there’s never any embarrassment or judgement on the part of artist - or model.  You get real people to study, in all shapes and sizes, of varied ages and backgrounds, and it’s a great leveller.  Really, we’re all the same in our diversity once we take our clothes off...

A certain serenity descends upon the room as you get totally immersed in your drawing, and you think about light and shade, texture and perspective -  and does that arm look right, oh and how will I tackle that difficult foreshortening…?   I love to draw sinewy limbs and pubic hair!  Protruding collar bones or curvaceous hips! You explore all those undulations and angles and crevices in great detail with your eyes and your pencil, focusing totally and solely on the naked body in front of you, so that your model becomes absolutely an object - and yet is in no way ever demeaned.

I must do some more some day.


  1. Three cheers for pubic hair!!

  2. Hip hip hooray (times 3)!!

  3. Sorry, I could not resist that. I'm a perv for pubes.

  4. Thanks for dropping by over at Feel It. Great blog you have here and, together with some new ones on me in your blogroll, my browsing experience has been well and truly refreshed!

    1. Thank you, Darcy, I'm glad you've enjoyed this and the others too. I'll be returning to Feel It!


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