Monday, 27 February 2012

One year of miscellany

Ooh!  Today Sun Dried Sparrows is a year old.  I had no idea quite what I was doing when I tentatively chose my template, figured out something to do with widgets, typed my first post and, with my heart in my mouth, clicked on ‘publish’.  It felt a bit odd writing to nobody in particular (although not always!) and at the same time knowing that anybody in the world could read my gabbling prose.  I didn’t really expect to keep it going for any length of time, or that anyone else would even have a look.  So here’s a BIG thanks to all those who have helped me to keep it going by having a look - and whose comments are always really appreciated… x

In keeping with the randomness of subjects that turn up on these pages, here’s a little selection of unconnected and totally miscellaneous bits and bobs as some kind of birthday jamboree bag!

A postcard picked up in a charity shop - can you tell what it is yet?

If you're going to wear a badge...

One of last year's babies

A favourite raincoat

A card received last year for my real birthday.
(From Modern Toss / Mr Tourette Master Signwriter)
...I leave it to you to translate*

And one great song.

* Go on then -  it says, "I still want fucking paying".


  1. Happy first birthday! Treat yourself to a small cake! I think I jumped in a little late, but am always glad to read your stuff - never less than funny and interesting.

    And I love that raincoat...

  2. Seconded re the raincoat - happy first blogday C - always look forward to your pics !

  3. Swearing in French has so much more class - I ought to learn that... I've started saying "Merde" frequently where normally I'd have used a more earthy four letter Anglo-Saxon verb.

  4. The big 0-1! Thank you for a year's worth of funny, thought provoking and inspiring posts - long may you continue.

  5. Ah, thank you one and all! I am really grateful for the kind comments - so lovely - most glad to have you as readers! It's been so nice to discover how much fun this blogging lark can be. But as this is in dire danger of turning into some dreadful gushing Oscars-type acceptance speech I'll leave it there except to say: I'm now off to dance around my cake in my raincoat and swear merrily in French. x

  6. Woo hoop. Happy Birthday blog.

    This has been a real favorite of the blogs I've recently discovered.

    It's party time!

  7. Why thank you, e.f. Likewise I enjoy my regular trips to the Deep South!

  8. Thanks, Wilthomer, and thanks too for being with me nearly all the way!


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