Sunday, 27 February 2011

First Post The Past

On wondering how to start this I’ve been partly inspired by reading Philip Leslie’s blog, The History of Philip Leslie, (Philip is the talented author of 'The History Of Us' published by Legend Press last year) and decided to go through my old art college portfolio.  So I’ll be posting a few images here from the days of Letraset and the Grant projector… (let me know if you had experience of the latter; so few people seem to remember them.) These will be in no particular order but it seems fitting today to post this original image which was used in the sleeve art for Flux Of Pink Indians’ ‘Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible’ (originally released on Spiderleg 1982).  Fitting because Andy Smith with whom I was good friends throughout Art Foundation and who later went on to join Flux, died on 4th February 2011, so this picture just connects me to both Flux and college days and therefore him too.  (And I do have another rather close connection to Flux which will remain undisclosed for now.)

I seem to remember that I had a bit of a thing about potato prints at the time but doubt I would have done too well as a wallpaper designer.  And what is that strange-looking box whose knobs are being twiddled by the Anne Diamond lookalike?  Oh, it’s an eighties TV set.  That’s… Progress.


  1. That image is! Reminds me of that wonderful Crass / Poison Girls "Bloody Revolution" sleeve. Any shortcuts to further examples ?

  2. Oh thank you! It looks a bit crap to me now - but I can at least say it was created with feeling! (as well as a potato)

    I'll have to have a dig around to see what other examples may still exist...

  3. Just had a look back to the beginning to see how it all started for you - Your college portfolio! I have my late mother-in-laws and Mr WIAA's in our loft so might be worth a rummage for my blog some day. As for Letraset I used it too in cartography as I studied geography but not familiar with the Grant projector - those were the days. Like your image - assuming it was really used as the artwork for an album!

    1. Thanks for looking back at this, Alyson! Seems a long time ago now but I'm thinking of writing about how it all started around the time of this blog's anniversary later this month, and can elaborate a little more.
      Yes, the image was one of many used on the elaborate gatefold sleeve/booklet that came with the album. I did a single sleeve too for another band, all seems so long ago now and so different to my current work but I'm glad I did them when I was still so young!


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